AB-68 Explained

It’s official, AB-68 was officially adopted as of January 1st, 2020 every city must have a State approved ordinance in place!

First, if you haven’t heard of AB-68, it’s a radical, and revolutionary piece of legislation approved back in October 2019, thanks to Assembly Member Ting! It requires EVERY CITY in California to submit an ordinance allowing accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) in both single family and multi-family zones. Allowing 3 units for all single-family zones and up to 25% more units in multi-family zones.

Ever since it was signed by Governor Newsom into law in October 2019, I’ve been getting calls from people anxious to move forward with the increased density this law affords their projects, but in reality, many cities, including San Francisco, are still working to implement some of the requirements. (This delay is in express opposition to the deadlines set forth in the legislation. All cities were supposed to have their ordinances approved an in place by spring of 2020)

We’ve read (and re-read) this piece of legislation so many