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APPROVED: ORD 230446: Planning Code Redraft

Updated: Jan 15

UPDATE: This legislation was approved and signed by the Mayor on 12-14-23.

Ordinance 230446 was introduced by the Mayor and co-sponsored by Supervisors Engardio and Dorsey on 4-18-23.

The Mayor introduced Ordinance 230446 and it has some exciting changes. Here is a quick summary of the changes:

  • Minimum lot widths would be reduced to only 20'.

  • Minimum lot areas would be reduced to 1,200 for ALL districts.

  • Lot mergers would be allowed in most districts.

  • Front setbacks would be reduced

  • Rear setbacks would be 30% citywide for ALL residential zones and only 25% for other zones.

  • Corner lots/through lots would be allowed to have a building on each end, with the rear yard located at the interior corner of the lot.

  • RH zones would be allowed to have 4 units, with 6 units on corner lots without conditional use. More units would be allowed with density bonus applications.

  • Historic resources could receive a density exception for 4-6 units if certain conditions are met, and may be eligible for permit fee waivers.

  • Private open space dimensions would be reduced. Balconies and decks could now count toward open space with only 3' depth.

Many projects would no longer require hearings or Planning Commission hearings including:

  • Demolition of single family homes would no longer require conditional use.

  • Demolition of more than 75% of exterior and interior framing would no longer trigger 311 notice.

  • Projects with heights over 40' in RH zones and 50' in other zones.

    • Reasonable modifications could be reviewed by the Planning Director without public notice instead.

    • Removal of a dwelling unit could be done administratively under certain conditions. BUT. . . read the fine print on this one. The requirements to qualify are steep.

Now for a change that we aren't sure about. This ordinance creates a "Priority Equity Geographies Special Use District" which includes sites in lower-income neighborhoods that may require more input into the process. The Tenderloin, Mission, Bayview, SOMA, and most of the southern end of the City fall into this district. Within this district, 311 is still required, removal of a dwelling unit would still require a CU.

What do you think? Will these changes allow us to build more housing faster? What additional concessions/changes would you make to the Planning Code to streamline permit reviews and creation of housing?

Contact your Supervisor to voice support or concern for this legislation. We've made it easy for you. Here is all their info:

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