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Denied/Killed: HOT: Ord 211092 Conversion of Automotive Uses to Housing and Increased Density

Updated: Jan 15

UPDATE: This legislation failed to pass the Land Use and Transportation Committee and was filed as inactive on 7-19-23.

Ordinance 211092 was introduced on 2-15-22 by Mayor Breed. This Ordinance was revised to 220811.

This legislation would eliminate the requirement for conditional use permits when converting an automotive service station to another use.

It also allows parcels currently used for auto-oriented uses to be developed as housing at densities greater than otherwise allowed as long as they have no residential uses on site, and have not contained a Legacy Business for the previous 4 years. RM, RC, and Article 10 Historic Districts are not eligible.

It also allows eligible sites in RH zoning districts to develop up to 4 dwelling units as principally permitted.

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