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Denied/Killed: Ord 220447: Elimination of RH-1 Zoning-Mar

Updated: Jan 15

UPDATE: This legislation was filed as inactive on 1-26-23.

Ordinance 220447 was introduced on 4-25-22 by Supervisor Mar.

This Ordinance changes all RH-1 zones to RH-2 zoning. RH-1(D) zones would be changed to RH-2(D) zones. Each would permit 2 units as of right. Additional density bonus units would also apply to these properties, permitting up to 4 dwelling units per lot and up to 6 dwelling units on corner lots not including ADU units, which may be in excess of these limits. New density bonus dwelling units would be subject to rent control.

Planning requirements would include maintaining a minimum 30% or 15' rear yard setbacks. All bonus units will be required to have 2 or more bedrooms and must adhere to specific floor areas.

Property Owners must agree to live at the property for three years after the issuance of the final CFC.

See also Ordinance 220446 for a similar proposal from Supervisors Mandelman and Melgar. (This ordinance was vetoed by the Mayor on 7-26-22)

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