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APPROVED: Ord 220340 Changes to NCD and Mixed-Use Zoning Controls

Updated: Jan 15

UPDATE: This legislation was approved and signed by the Mayor on 5-3-23.

Ordinance 220340 was introduced on 4-5-22 by Supervisor Dorsey.

This Ordinance modifies the NCD and Mixed-Use Zoning controls including:

  • Permits Accessory Arts Activities in C, DTR, Eastern Neighborhoods Mixed-Use, Mission Bay, RC Districts, Folsom Street NCT, SoMa NCT, Regional Commercial, and in historic and nonconforming buildings in Residential Enclave Districts

  • Permits General Entertainment and Nighttime Entertainment uses in the Folsom Street NCT District, Regional Commercial, and WMUG Districts

  • Conditionally permits Nighttime Entertainment in the MUG District

  • Permits Bar uses on the second floor in the Folsom Street NCT and Regional Commercial Districts

  • Permits Job Training, Public Facility, and Social Service/Philanthropic Facility uses in the SoMa NCT District and Easter Neighborhoods Districts

  • Requires large developments in the SoMa Mixed Use District to provide a mix of commercial space sizes

  • Requires all Nighttime Entertainment uses comply with the Entertainment Commission's good neighbor policies

  • Removes certain limitations on location for Nighttime Entertainment and Animal Service uses in Western SoMA Special Use District

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