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Inactive: HOT: AB-919: Property Sale Right of First Offer

Updated: Jan 5

UPDATE: This legislation was referred to the Committee on Housing and Community Development and the Committee on Judiciary, but no action has been taken since 3-15-23.

AB-919 was introduced by Assembly Members Kalra, Bonta, Lee, and Ortega on 2-14-23.

This bill would require owners of tenant occupied residential properties, including single-family properties, to take several steps prior to selling their properties including:

  • Notifying any tenants/qualified entities of the intent to sell, and providing them with 10 days to express an interest in purchasing the property.

  • If interest is expressed, tenants/qualified entities would have 40 or 60 days to submit an offer to purchase.

  • Properties that go into default, would also require the mortgage holder to follow these processes.

  • Properties where owners entities do not receive an interest to purchase from tenants/qualified entities would be allowed to sell the property to an party.

When tenants/qualified entities purchase these properties under this program, they would also be restricted as follows:

  • New purchasers and all successive owners from this program would be required to retain all tenants and restrict rents of all units to a maximum of 80% AMI.

  • Record a compliance document agreeing to these terms

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