Permit Resources

DBI has fully reopened, including access to Floors 4 and 5. Appointments are NOT necessary any longer. Fully vaccinated members of the public are encouraged to wear a mask while in the building. Unvaccinated customers are required to wear masks in the building.

General Permit Services

  • The City is currently not accepting new permits, except for a few select project types. Please review the general information link for details.

  • General Information:

  • If you have a Planning revision for a paper review, you can stop by DBI at any time and put the plans into the cardboard box in the lobby.

  • If you have a Building revision for a paper review, please schedule with your planchecker to meet you at the lobby so they can take custody of the plans.


Over-The-Counter Permits


Electronic Permits

ALL intake projects can now be submitted electronically.


Trade Permits

Trade Permits include Electrical, Plumbing/Mechanical, Boiler, Roofing, and Kitchen/Bath renovations that maintain the plan configuration and walls. Register for a new account, or apply for an online trade permit HERE


Pre-Application Meetings

  • Email your request to Please be sure to include a list of the departments you need to meet with, any drawings, and a list of questions.

Obtain City Records


Schedule an Inspection