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APPROVED: ORD 230371: Office conversions

Updated: Jan 15

UPDATE: This legislation was approved and signed by the Mayor on 7-5-23.

Ordinance 230371 was introduced by Mayor Breed and Supervisor Peskin on 4-4-23.

This Ordinance allows commercial and office uses in some districts to be converted to residential use. Projects are exempt from lot coverage, open space, streetscape, bicycle parking, and dwelling unit mix requirements. Intermediate length occupancy (31-365 days) is permitted in these areas. Projects are also exempt from public hearings.

Additionally, large scale retail (50,000 sf+) would are permitted in C-3 zones, tall window displays are permitted, accessory storage, and pop-up spaces are permitted. Zoning will be relaxed to allow new uses including laboratory, life science, agriculture/beverage processing, and formula retail would be permitted.

Permits would be streamlined for sign permitting and historic preservation reviews.

Contact your Supervisor to voice support or concern for this legislation. We've made it easy for you. Here is all their info:

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