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Achieve peace of mind over all the properties you manage.

Track SF Building Permits
in Real Time.

Property Atlas is helping property managers all across the City of San Francisco. With Property Atlas, you can see the permit status and inspection status for every building in your portfolio at a glance. Our customizable dashboard allows your entire team to sign up for the alerts that matter to them.


Even better, you no longer need to rely on your vendors to keep you updated. We send automated email alerts anytime your permit status changes. And, throughout construction, we keep you up to date when inspections are scheduled and whether they passed/failed.  

You can also use Property Atlas to receive real time permit tracking alerts and access your permit status from your mobile device. 

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Our Tool

We're more than just a permit tracker. We're committed to streamlining the permit process. With our tool you can:

  • Receive real-time permit updates

  • Receive real-time inspection notices

  • Research potential acquisition properties with our expanded property information including

    • Rent board filings

    • DPW permits/entitlements

    • Additional historic resources

  • Keep up to date on all new local and state legislation that impacts your properties.

  • Contact city officials

  • Schedule Inspections

  • Access the permit/inspection status of your entire portfolio of projects in the field

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