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Are you looking to learn more about the history of your property or home?  At Property Atlas, we love digging into city archives and piecing together the puzzle pieces that make up a full picture of a property. We offer a variety of options depending on what informatio is most important to you, so just select the information you want and we'll go find it for you.


Whether you're looking for the original construction date, old news articles, a list of owners/tenants, permit history, or all of these bundled together, we're here to help! Just pick the information you want from our list below and we'll get to work. It generally takes us between 3-6 weeks to gather all the information on a property.


If you are planning a major addition or remodel to your home that affects the front of the building, we highly recommend submitting a Historic Resource Evaluation (HRE) application to SF City Planning. Buildings that are 45 years old (or older) are generally treated as if they are historic even if they are not, which can severely limit your options for your renovation project. This review by City Planning can take 6 months, so get started soon!


Contact us directly with any questions:

Property History Report

  • Historic documents obtained will be archived by Property Atlas in our database for use by future owners. Documents will not be shared with third parties without written notice to current owners.

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