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APPROVED: HOT: AB 1218: Demolition of Residential Units

Updated: Jan 5

UPDATE: This legislation was approved and signed by the Governor on 10-11-23.

AB-1218 was introduced by Assembly Member Lowenthal on 2-16-23.

This bill would prohibit a city/county from approving any project that would require the demolition of:

  • Occupied or vacant protected units

  • Sites where protected units where demolished within the previous 5 years

Demolitions would only be permitted if the project included all of the following:

  1. Replacement of all existing or demolished protected units

  2. Include at minimum, the same number of residential units as existed on the site in the past 5 years

  3. Allow existing tenants to occupy their units until 6 months prior to the start of construction

  4. Provide relocation benefits to the existing occupants of any protected units that are lower income households

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